Sunday, March 16, 2014

Cyclone Lusi rolls into town

Dnick's Lusi report @ &

Saturday, February 15, 2014

2014 NZ Slalom Nats - Laurence Carey's report.

Hi all,
The 2014 Season has kicked off very well this year with over 40 windsurfers meeting in Dunedin for the 2014 Slalom Nationals. It was a great event with lots of laughs and racing. The winds ranged form 15-35knots on the two days of racing, allowing for sails from 7.0-4.2 to be used in one day. The season has a lot planned so contact your local clubs or myself for more information.

 The Slalom Nationals had a huge change in dynamic this year with 8 youth competing which was great to see. Two of these were females representing the Bowater residence. They both raced very well and Xanthe won the Youth females and came second in the open women’s. Lucy Waters was very dominate and won the women’s. The youth men’s had 5 top gun racers which put a lot of pressure on. Taylor Boyd is a clear stand out of which he almost made the top 10 coming 11th (better luck next time grom). He had some great training in Christchurch the week before the event and also up at Clearwater two days before the Nationals started. The regular Clearwater dwellers were there living the dream with daily windsurfs. Even Raymond Lund was there telling us all about his ‘Love’ly trips over the last year where he has been to Perth ripping the waves in Foreign territories.

Then came the Silver fleet which was loaded with lots of fun. There was 10 racing or should I say laughing at each other around the course. The silver fleet only did half as many races which they were all very happy about. Joe McGregor was a huge standout in the fleet where he beat his dad (Mark) in multiple races and also beat the whole fleet in one race. Joe is an up and coming All Black representing Canterbury regularly so it’s great to see he is getting some alternative training. Bruce Spedding (WNZ President) won the Silver fleet. He was a true machine around the race course. Darren Nicholas came down from the sunny side of the North Island (tauranga) and was also very dominant. In true Silver fleet style however he did choose to sail his own course in one race which lead to a minor disqualification… This reminds me of last years nationals when Simon Hall raced the women and won the race.

Nice job NZL500. Darren's report @

The Gold fleet was very competitive with all the top sailors from each region competing. The battle for the top 10 was very close which made any mistake lead to a huge difference. Gareth Wood and I would have some great battles which made watching from the beach very exciting. In one race we were both nearly over early as we both fought for the pin end of the start line. Dan Meehan was yet again very consistent, however I don’t think anyone can be more consistent then Terry B. He frequently would overtake people at the last mark and gain that extra position. However the sailor which caught everyone by surprise was Gavin Jackson who won multiple races throughout the Nationals. Although he is now a kiter, he managed to maintain his dignity on the race course. Nice work Gav. Team10 was back in force again with Harry Reed coming 10th and myself in 1st. Jimbo however didn't make it down and was sorely missed. Nothing beats hearing that irish giggle in the shadows.
Looking forward to the up and coming season, and don't hesitate to let me know of any exciting news to share with the NZ windsurfers.

Kind Regards,

Laurence Carey (NZL252)

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Weekend Racing Roundup

Cheers to all of the competitors who managed to survive a great weekend's racing, especially those who traveled from well outside the region.
Conditions on Saturday were awesome. Gusting up to 40knots over the short figure 8 course provided some spectacular racing,........and smashed 'ems!
Completing races was the aim, but missing marks and getting 'flattened' appeared to be a tough consequence of trying to keep the power on in the wild chop
Sunday eased enough to give everyone a good number of races. The day was finished with an 'all in' run to Rangiwaea.
Overall results;
Congratulations to Laurence and Chris for winning their respective divisions.

And a special congratulations to Coral, the 1st recipient of the Barry Anderson Memorial Trophy. Coral was the highest finishing local sailor across both Gold and Silver divisions. An outstanding effort in navigating a course through many older, and highly competitive windsurfers.
Many thanks to our event partners for their valued support. It was a fantastic weekend, with weather at both ends of the scale providing plenty of fun for all participants;
Peter and Jules @ for running another excellent weekend's racing, tailored for sailors of all ability.

Alexander @
Brian and crew from
Tony and the team @
Bruce and Anton from

Also; special thanks to Marilyn and Tim, for the race admin assistance and tech support.

Brent Devcich for the wicked event vid. 

And Candace, for her hot caffeine and lovely eats.

Look forward to contributing more of the same to the NZ Windsurfing calendar soon.

Friday, September 13, 2013

Barry's Cup

With the kind permission of Alice Anderson, Barry's Cup will be presented to the top performing local* at Elements Spring Racing comp, 28-29th Sept.

*Please feel free to contact me to qualify your eligibility.

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Speed Creek 26th May

Gooch, Darryl, Brent and Roger making the most of a fairly gusty WSW.

Darryl - Avg 25.66 Run 26.4 2sec 27.17 500m 24.3 Alpha 16.46
Rob - Avg 27.58 Run 29.38 2sec 30.32 500m 26.51 Alpha 18.34